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NEW YORK, NY, April 18, 2008. BloodRayne: A Fan Film debuted a rough cut of the project at the New York Comic Con. Based on the Terminal Reality videogame, this fan film tells the story of BloodyRayne’s creation and explores one of her adventures. It crosses genre borders, from horror, action, to science fiction, but lands deftly in humor.

Vera VanGuard, the film’s writer, producer, and star, wanted a showcase for her and her crew’s talents. She chose to film BloodRayne because of the videogame’s tough and talented half-vampire heroine, as well as the challenge of bringing the world of 1935 Germany to life. With special effects and authentic Nazi-era costumes, the actors blend seamlessly into the backgrounds that were rendered from pictures of the era.

Because of budget restraints, it took the cast and crew one year to conceptualize and film eleven minutes of footage. But with high production values, including a professional makeup artist who specializes in blood and a German-speaking actor who tutored the rest of the cast, the crew feels BloodRayne was well worth their efforts.

The producer is quick to stress that BloodRayne is a show piece, not some shoddy basement shoot. The crew and cast donated approximately $80,000 worth of their time, equipment, and talent.

VanGuard said, “We were incredibly lucky to have such talented people come together for this.”

BLOODRAYNE A FAN FILM will be released the first week of May on www.bloodraynefanfilm.com and www.youtube.com, among others. It will also make the rounds at comic conventions and various Hollywood film festivals as "Rayne The Dhampyr".

BloodRayne, the videogame, was released in 2002 on multiple platforms, including the PS2 and Xbox; its sequel, BloodRayne 2, was released in 2004. Two movies, both directed by Uwe Boll, were released in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

Vera VanGuard is a multitalented performer: actress, model, stuntwoman, and makeup artist. She lives in Hollywood, California, and has appeared in Nip/Tuck, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Sex and the City, among others. BloodRayne is her first effort as a writer/producer.

When not directing, Edward Negron has his finger in many pies, including a web design firm (www.substorm media), a heavy metal t-shirt company (www.evilthreads.com), and an online martial arts community (www.saigoworld.com). Negron studied film at the Academy of Art in San Fransisco.

Vera VanGuard
vera@bloodraynefanfilm.com or
Edward G. Negron


Holding our breath..... almost.....there.... *turning blue*


Editing..... FIN! Now for the even messier part of sound and MORE visual FX. We have to get this ready in two weeks - cause New York Comicon (where we are getting dicked around about showing and then not showing) is around the corner. At least it gives us a whip to the buttocks to get it done already. We started filming 11 months ago. Boy are we slow...


Editing..... Post production... *sigh* More and more of that. Started on the CG stuff. Effects... more effects... rendering nightmares... waking up in the middle of the night in sweats... Trying to finish in time for New York Comicon. We just confirmed with the NY Jedi that BloodRayne will definitely be shown on the big screen at NY Comicon so we are hustling. Hustling like a fox.


Editing..... Post production... *sigh*

Vera has just confirmed her professional guest status at New York COMICON and will be there April 18th and 19th. She is currently waiting for a reply from staff if she will be doing a panel on our little project. We are joining "forces" *hehe* with the New York Jedi to see if they can help us debut the finished film (hopefully we'll be ready by then) at the show on the main stage big screen. Go Geeks!


Editing..... editing..... more editing.... Our CG artist is KICKING ASS!


Now we're cookin'. We updated the GALLERIES with some photos of cast and crew goofing off and posing with a little drop in from another local superhero. The last gallery update will be some pics of Vera making costumes and set props at 3 in the morning. If our very Jewish grandmothers saw all the Nazi stuff all over the place... we'd be in deep poopoo.


Check out the new geek inspired desktops and wallpapers in the GALLERIES. More behind the scenes and set photos will be added shortly. The photos are pretty big so feel free to download them and ogle them at your leisure.


Welcome to the new BloodRayne Fan Film web site. It's slowly coming along but here are the latest news on our progress: we are currently working on the first rough edit of the piece. Originally we thought that it would be about five minutes in length but now we think it might be more like 10 minutes long. All of the footage has been shot. Post production will take a bit because we have an entire sequence with SPOILER - CGI characters. The CAST and CREDITS have also been updated.