This will be updated when the film goes online. We will have some behind the scenes video clips as well as interviews with Edward G. Negron and Vera VanGuard. Here will be some fun facts about the shoot:

The first official screening was on April 18th at the New York Comicon. The audience did not realize they were our most valued guinea pigs. Reception was great and nobody threw rotten tomatoes. We were, however, prepared for the worst.

Both versions of the BloodRayne costume, the one you see on Vera to the left and the final version actually used in the film were both made by Vera's mother, a master seamstress, who created both costumes based on pictures Vera sent her by snail-mail and without a fitting. Mom was in New York and Vera was in Los Angeles.

The Nazi uniforms and flags were also made by Vera from scratch and are replicas of the "brown shirt", or the common SS. The precursor units of the Waffen-SS were the militarised branches of the SS known as the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH), the SS-TV, and the SS-VT. These troops were the first SS to introduce earth colors for their uniforms in 1935. Here is a small detail that does not show on the film: All Nazi uniforms had not only the traditional red swastika arm band but also had sleeve strips to identify which group the they belonged to. Our sleeve strips said "Der Führer" on them. All of the patches and arm bands are not exactly historically accurate BUT ITS A FAN FILM PEOPLE!

Ambient sound effects, like marching soldiers and Hitler's speech were actually taken from various Nazi documentaries to establish the environment. Originally we wanted to put in the actual footage but it slowed down the piece. We also wanted to put in gun shots and Jews screaming but we forgot about it. Probably for the best.

The camera used to shoot the first scene in the film is the same camera used to shoot the entire movie called "Doomed", a zombie flick you can find in Blockbuster that Vera worked on as a stunt gal and makeup artist - also with Jeff Centauri and Michael Su.

The location where we filmed, "accidentally" had a large puddle of fake blood left for the office workers, who showed up the next morning for work, to walk around. They had no idea what went on the night before. To make matters even better, someone, we won't name who, drew a chalk body outline around the puddle. *hehe*

There was a total revolving cast of Nazi soldiers right up until the day of shooting where we had to recruit our FX makeup artist and set photographer and slapped them into costumes because two actors flaked on us... Oooooh actors flaking? No that never happens... (that's sarcasm). Vera cast two soldiers while on the set of "Little Big Men". Another from that same set was an old friend who became the Squad Leader. This just proves what a tiny town Hollywood really is.

This film is the first film short written by Vera who never thought of herself as a writer. Being a control freak (we call that a "producer" in this business), she didn't trust anyone else to write it and because she knew the limits of what she had to work with, she decided to write the script herself.

For shits and giggles, we decided not to subtitle any of the German the Nazis speak except the expletives.

The movie was supposed to be done seriously but much like "The People Under The Stairs" it's funny as hell.

We didn't know Captain America was gonna show up until he did the day of the shoot. We thought he was gonna be a flake... or off fighting Red Skull or something.

When Vera first donned the BloodRayne costume at San Diego Comicon back in 2005, it just so happened that Majesco was there that year and they were asking fans to track her down and bring her back to the booth. They said she was the "greatest BloodRayne EVER!" DUH!

Vera decided to do the BloodRayne costume after she saw how TERRIBLE the costume in the movie was done. She had to show the world how it SHOULD have been done.


My girlfriends and I dress up at comic book conventions and for photo shoots, and we’re known around the world as the best Tomb Raider look-alikes. In fact, I’ve won multiple awards for my Lara Croft costume. (Geek aside: I do the Tomb Raider 3 London Level costume.)

But after I played both BloodRayne games, I started cosplaying BloodRayne, because I only do red-haired unmasked characters—and I loved the costume. It took me a while to figure out how to make it a reality, because I like to go full-out. (I even cut my own hair into a short bob.)

The blades were the hardest part to realize: even though they’re costume pieces, I wanted them to be made of a light alloy, and I wanted them to be able to flip front and back. When I found the right propmaker for the job, Dave Baker at the Hollywood Combat Center, I was stoked!

I debuted my new BloodRayne costume at San Diego Comicon, and Majesco happened to be there. Fans went to their booth and told them that I was “the greatest BloodRayne EVER.” So many people praised me, that Majesco actually put out a bounty on me: they would give a prize to the person who could bring me to their table. When they saw me, they went nuts. They loved it.

I wore the costume again at Dragon Con in Atlanta and won a "Best Horror" award for it in the masquerade (and gave convention security a run for their money with my blades).

Meanwhile, two of my Lara Croft gal pals both completed their own Tomb Raider fan films. Then one of them asked me for my help with her upcoming Wonder Woman fan film. So, not wanting to be left behind, I decided to do a BloodRayne fan film.

I wrote a script based on what I knew I could do, who I could cast, and who owed me what favors. My crew mostly came from other film projects that I've worked on as an actress, stunt woman, or makeup artist. I wanted this to be a show piece for all my cast and crew, and of course for me as an actress. It's a pretty good demo for our reels. For example, my friend in Atlanta created awesome-looking CG Daemites for me.

I knew expectations are pretty low after the BloodRayne movies, so I’m not worried about being compared. I did want to stick to the games as much as possible, and even though I fight Nazis, I really didn't want the film to be just a series of fight scenes. I pulled footage from the game and used the actual game sounds and music.

We started shooting last May, and we are putting the last details together now. So you can say it took us a year on and off (but mostly goofing off).

I did my best to play Rayne the way she is supposed to be. I hate it when actresses try to overemphasize the sexy. Rayne is sexy _and_ tough. If you are familiar with the game, she also has a tremendous amount of humor when she's hacking away at enemies, and I wanted to emphasize that too.

I also wanted to focus on her motivation for everything she does, which is find and kill her father. He collaborates with Nazis, KILL NAZIS. He's making ghouls, KILL GHOULS. Ultimate objective, KILL FATHER, AVENGE MOTHER. Simple.

Hopefully we accomplished conveying that storyline. After the credits roll, we decided to have some goofy fun, but you'll have to see it to find out.